Member Benefits

Group Purchasing Discounts

Our members enjoy deep discounts on the latest audio and video gear from the nations leading manufacturers!

Educational Seminars

We provide monthly seminars presented by some of the most knowledgeable and notable leaders in our industry. These seminars are keyed to improving performance with the latest innovative and contemporary entertainment ideaology, techniques and equipment.


Incredible NETWORKING opportunities! Our members include award winning entertainers from some of the most successful mobile DJ companies in the United States! They stand ready to contribute and give back to the peers of the industry in the hope of elevating the Mobile DJ Industry to a level of prestige and professionalism.

Disability Insurance

Our members enjoy the benefits of the only DJ Disability Group Insurance Program in existence!

Credit Card Program

Our collaboration with Bank of America provides our members with the lowest cost credit card processing program in the country. You can process your client’s credit cards on your “SMART” phone, or personal computer.